Both Functional Strength Training and FRC can now be offered as an online service.
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Kettle Ball
Functional Strength Training

Using constantly varied exercises and mobility focused routines, I can help you break your physical and psychological boundaries to increase your strength and improve your fitness.


  • Improve your functional movement capacity

  • Build proprioception and body awareness

  • Develop usable strength

  • Progress recorded & updated

Sports massage therapy
Soft Tissue Release

Through various muscle manipulation techniques and massage therapy, I can help alleviate tension and optimise movement - be they built up in the gym, on the pitch or at the office.

  • Help prevent or treat injuries

  • Increase range of movement

  • Repair damaged muscle tissue

  • Relieve physical or neurological tension

Functional Range Conditioning

A detailed and dissected path into optimising performance - either sports specific or for those looking for a clinical approach towards mobility

and physical progression.

  • Assess your mechanical limitations

  • Develop maximum body control

  • Establish deeper mobility and articular strength

  • Mitigate injury and physical tension

All services are offered as home visits. Massage can also be arranged at the Chichester Clinic.
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About Steve

Steve Lewis is an accredited mobility specialist and functional strength conditioning coach with over ten years experience in the industry. By combining his experience as a physical trainer, certified Functional Range ConditioningⓇ instructor and manual therapist, Steve passionately helps clients to build their bodies articular strength, mitigate injury and develop usable flexibility.  


  Using principles based on current scientific research, clients are given the opportunity to explore and experience their own physical strengths and limitations before being guided through the appropriate exercises for optimising the body’s performance.

This comprehensive approach has lead to Steve working with a wide variety of clients and alongside multiple organisations; including article publications for Physique Management Ltd, ongoing massage treatment at Healthworks Physiotherapy Clinics and is the current conditioning coach at the world renowned Platinum Healing Retreats.  

""Keeping strong and healthy shouldn't be a single track journey, it splits into multiple, equally important paths that should all be explored, experienced and enjoyed first hand.  Closing your mind to new ideas and challenges is often the most limiting factor in one's physical and emotional progression. Humans are built to move, to forage, to hunt, to gather and to climb. Our modern, mostly sedentary lifestyles inhibit this deeply evolved human potential. Relearn your physical capabilities. If the body moves well, you’ll smile more.”


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"Every session produces great results.  Simply Brilliant!"

—  Auden Witter



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