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Online Coaching

One to one personal training

  • 1 h
  • Online

Service Description

With online, one to one Zoom sessions I can assess your movement and mobility capacity then help you to break through any training plateaus and joint dysfunction you may have. You will learn new techniques on how to develop useable strength and relieve physical tension by yourself, in your own home. Sessions can be recorded and uploaded for you to reference in your own time. Check in periodically with me to stay on track and develop your skills. If you're already familiar with basic movement patterns and are looking for a challenge, I can create an hour long strength and endurance routine for you to follow along to. After an initial consultation over the phone, we'll discuss your goals, decide on the equipment you want to incorporate and by using the principle of progressive adaptation I can have you reach your physical threshold to help improve your overall performance. - Assess and correct limitations - Develop new techniques - Learn to improve joint function - Adapt and improve muscle tissue - Release physical tension - Live and recorded personal training - Weekly or monthly check-ins

Contact Details

44 7739355379

Home, Gym and Club visits available Arundel, West Sussex, UK

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